Environmental Research Services

Andy Moffat has a career-long track record in Environmental Research, and can offer a range of services from the identification of research need, through proposal formulation, project team building, project management and execution, to delivery of quality outputs, on time and in budget. We operate over a wide range of environmental subject areas. We can organise programmes of data acquisition, storage and evaluation. Communication and marketing of research achievements is a particular strength. In addition, we can support your needs for review of research undertaken by others, and in peer review of research capacity and capability.

Services offered

  • Research bid and proposal writing
  • Consortium building
  • Research programme and project planning, management and coordination
  • Data acquisition and interpretation
  • Programme and project monitoring and evaluation
  • Report writing; project publicity and promulgation
  • Research capability assessment and peer review

Case study: Adaptation at Estate scale – a study in Scotland

A J Moffat & Associates won a contract from Scottish Government via Heriot-Watt University in 2014 to examine the opportunities, challenges and constraints faced by Scottish estates when considering the need to build resilience as a result of climate change. A number of estate owners, managers and factors were visited and interviewed, and the project was given the support of Scottish Land & Estates. Scottish estates have the opportunity to take a long term and an integrated approach to land management, and the study generated some important messages for policy makers and their advisers. The results of the study are published on the ClimateXChange http://www.climatexchange.org.uk/index.php/?cID=296 and weADAPT http://weadapt.org/placemarks/maps/view/1080 websites.

Case study: Wildfires in Wales

Andy Moffat translated the problem of endemic wildfire arson in South Wales into a research project in 2007, and funding was sought and won from the Forestry Commission and two Welsh Fire and Rescue Services in 2008. A two year Research Officer was recruited early in 2009, to work directly within communities where wildfire was prevalent The final report of the project was published in 2011 and can be found HERE.

The project sought to characterise and understand the problem of wildfires in the South Wales Valleys region and to offer recommendations for appropriate management and policy responses. The report concluded that arson should be put in context of broader antisocial behaviour in the region and mitigation measures should be integrated into projects and programmes for the wider regeneration of the South Wales region. The report has received notable press coverage (see HERE and HERE) and has been influential in galvanising political interest in the wildfire issue.