What’s preventing more rapid house building on brownfield land?

The relative lack of house building despite a large demand for housing is currently very newsworthy. Brownfield land has been prioritised by successive governments as suitable for new housing, yet it appears there are significant obstacles to this happening. Andy Moffat and Danni Sinnett of UWE have reviewed the role of the reclamation sector in helping to ease the conversion of brownfield land into new homes and places. Their article is now published on behalf of the British Land Reclamation Society in Planning & Building Control Today. In it, they argue that while some concerns about contamination and general despoliation may hinder conversion to housing, the reclamation sector has considerable knowledge and experience in dealing with these issues. Indeed, for many smaller projects, the issue of contamination is probably insignificant. They make a strong case for intelligent re-use of brownfield land and suggest that larger sites are very suitable for the creation of sustainable communities. You can access the text of the article HERE.