Training & Education Services

AJ Moffat & Associates offer a range of services related to training and education in environmental matters. We can offer professional writing and editorship services for those interested in publishing the results of research projects. We can prepare dedicated training courses, organise workshops and seminars, or even deliver a complete lecture course on a specific subject area, especially related to forestry, climate change, urban tree or land reclamation agendas.

Services offered

  • Professional writing and editing
  • Training courses in a range of environmental and forestry related subjects
  • Facilitation of meetings, workshops and events
  • Lecturing and public speaking

Case study: Arboriculture and Climate Change

In March 2015, Andy Moffat ran a series of full day Workshops around England focusing on the likely impact of climate change on urban trees and their management. the workshops also embraced opportunities for arboriculturalists to grasp climate change and use it to build resilience in trees under their care. The Workshops were conceived and developed by Andy Moffat and sponsored by the Arboricultural Association. They received a very good response from participants and will be repeated later in the year. A review of the course published in ARB Magazine can be downloaded HERE.

Case study: Improving Forest Governance for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation

In May and June 2013, the Centre for International Development and Training at the University of Wolverhampton ran a six week training course in this important subject area, and attracted many delegates from around the world. Andy Moffat was asked to help in Module 3 on Forestry Carbon Markets, REDD+ and Payments for Environmental Services (PES). He updated Course Primer and ran three half day sessions focusing on evidence for, and consequences of climate change, an introduction to ecosystem services and PES, and how the UK is approaching challenges posed by climate change.

Case study: Selection of publications undertaken while in Forest Research