Looking backwards – and forwards

2016 was another good year for A J Moffat & Associates, with consolidation around soil, arboricultural and training services in particular. Consultancies included work for the Gilbert White Museum in Hampshire, Bangor University and a number of architectural practices. As usual, a significant knowledge transfer programme was maintained with several peer reviewed journal papers and articles published on tree health, citizen science, housing and land reclamation, forest fire hazards and urban forestry. A highlight was co-authorship of a comprehensive report on the state and trends in European forest ecosystems, published by the European Environment Agency. Workshops on demystifying soils for the arboricultural sector were well attended and well received across the country. Some university teaching was also given. At a personal level, Andy Moffat’s Visiting Professorship at the University of Reading was renewed for the third time. He was invited to represent the UK in two Horizon 2020 workshops on soil and land management research in Portugal and Italy, and at a meeting of the Expert Group on Forest Fires in Brussels.

Looking forward to 2017, in addition to delivering more workshops on climate change and soils for the arboricultural sector, new plans are in progress for the delivery of relevant expertise through training and knowledge exchange activities. A particular focus on urban forestry research is planned. Further publications in citizen science, urban tree survey, disaster risk management, forest fires, soil health and restoration ecology are already under way. In addition, A J Moffat & Associates will be again seeking to explore new areas both geographically and scientifically – beginning with a seminar at Lincoln University in New Zealand in March. All interesting offers or proposals will be considered too – it would be good to work with or for you!

Update: a pdf of Andy’s presentation “The place of trees in urban areas – an ecosystems approach to policy making” is available HERE