How to plant three billion more trees in Britain!

Last week, the Tree Council organised a Forum for Trees in London, with the main purpose of discussing how the UK could extend its stock of trees in order to fight the increase in carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere. Sixty six representatives from from sectors spanning forestry, arboriculture, property development, infrastructure and government, as well as conservation charities, farmers and scientists were invited, including the Tree Champion Sir William Worsley. Sir William gave an address describing Government policy for more tree planting and he described his continuing work to ensure that this succeeded. Amy Bray, a very impressive sixteen year old, and founder of the charity ‘Another Way’ was another inspirational speaker. Most of the day was spent determining the opportunities and challenges associated with tree planting, and finding ways to marshall the public and private sectors, as well as charities and communities themselves to rise to the challenge. Andy Moffat was delighted to take part in the event and can be seen in the account summarising the event by the Tree Council. Those interested in receiving a summary of the Forum’s findings can register interest at the Tree Council website.