Environmental and Arboricultural Assessment

We have several decades of experience in understanding the environment and its assessment, especially in relation to trees and forests. Rooted in professional soil and tree science, Andy Moffat & Associates can provide site specific assessments in relation to building development. We have particular experience in Arboricultural Impact Assessments and Tree Protection Plans under BS5837: 2012. We can also call upon a range of specialists to provide ecological and archaeological investigations. With a very strong pedigree in environmental monitoring, we can help you to develop monitoring and evaluation procedures to demonstrate compliance and/or attainment of sustainability credentials.

Services offered

  • Environmental assessment, monitoring and evaluation
  • Tree survey and Arboricultural Impact Assessment (BS5837: 2012)
  • Site/soil survey and assessment for arboriculture and forestry
  • Soil conservation guidance

Case study: Trees and basement extensions

Basement extensions are becoming very popular in central London, but are often constrained by the presence of mature trees, either in private gardens or in the street. Andy has considerable experience in undertaking BS5837 tree surveys and preparing Arboricultural Impact Assessments and Tree Protection Plans for submission as part of planning applications. He works with architects in order to find solutions for clients that allow development to go ahead whilst retaining important tree cover as much as possible. Andy often works with Martin Dobson Associates in this capacity, and together they bring in-depth soil and arboricultural expertise to bear on these projects.

Case study: Tree health surveillance and citizen science involvement

In recent years, Andy has led in the development of monitoring and surveillance systems to provide early detection of damaging pests and diseases, and was a founder member of the OPAL Working Group which launched a tree health survey for public participation in 2013 – go to http://www.opalexplorenature.org/TreeSurvey. This survey won the Civil Service Reform Award at the 2013 Defra Team Awards. He remains active in exploring how ‘citizen science’ can be harnessed and developed for the benefit of science and participants alike!

Case study: Integrated Forest Monitoring

From 1997 to 2013, Andy Moffat was responsible for environmental monitoring in British forestry, and Head of the National Focal Centre supporting the International Co-operative Programme for forest monitoring (ICP Forests). During this time, he worked with a large number of forest scientists at home and throughout Europe to build what is probably the largest environmental monitoring system in the world. Such a system has been central in driving our biogeochemical understanding of forest ecosystems, and notably how they respond to atmospheric pollution and climate change. Andy has published widely on these issues (see publication record HERE) and is currently working with Forest Research colleagues to characterise and quantify the deadwood component in British forests.