Demystifying urban soils for arboriculture

Andy Moffat will be delivering a number of day workshops on urban soils for the Arboricultural Association in 2016. They have been designed to demystify soils for arboricultural practitioners and to break through the jargon and terminology that often confuse or wear down the potentially interested. Those enrolling on the one day course will, at the end, be able to:

  • Identify the major types of soil likely to be encountered in arboricultural practice
  • Understand the importance of good soil husbandry for trees
  • Understand the relationship between soils and tree rooting, and consequences for building subsidence
  • Specify appropriate manufactured soils for arboricultural use
  • Describe basic forms of soil analysis and when and why these are necessary
  • Explain particular soil problems associated with urban trees and how to remedy them
  • Articulate the risks associated with soil work and how to manage them
  • Identify sources of further good quality unambiguous information

The workshops will be run at locations at Stoneleigh, Warwickshire, Bristol, Wokingham and Preston. Further details and the opportunity to enrol can be found HERE.

A complimentary review of the first workshop was published in the ARB Magazine, Issue 173.