Arboriculture and climate change

The ‘Trees in Towns II’ survey published by DCLG in 2008 identified that most of our urban trees are young, early mature or semi-mature and will therefore need to face significantly different climatic conditions predicted for future years. This will obviously also apply to trees we plant today, or tomorrow. If we wish to see a continued strong tree component as part of urban green infrastructure, and if we want to advocate urban trees as a useful contribution to capturing carbon and helping to reduce global warming, then we must understand what the likely impacts of climate change will be. And what options are available to adapt the urban treescape in order that it becomes resilient to these changes.

Andy Moffat and Martin Dobson are planning to host a series of ‘Arboriculture and climate change’ workshops next March on behalf of the Arboricultural Association to cover these issues. The workshop is designed to be suitable for any arboricultural professional, including Local Authority Tree officers, Arboricultural Consultants and Contractors and Landscape Architects. It may also be useful to professionals of other disciplines such as loss adjusters and engineers to gain a modern understanding of the likely impact of climate change, focused on the urban tree environment. Further information and an opportunity to register for the first course can be accessed HERE.