Adaptation of Native Woodlands in Scotland

An Issues Paper, which develops some of the ideas from a workshop on ‘Native Woodlands Adaptation to Climate Change’ has been published recently on the ClimateXChange website. The Paper, co-authored by Andy Moffat, sets out the main issues around the consequences for native woodlands of climate change; their capacity to respond; possible management strategies, and poses some open questions to stimulate discussion. ClimateXChange is Scotland’s “centre of expertise connecting climate change research and policy”.

To contribute further in this area, ClimateXChange is looking at how the principles of a Flexible Adaptation Pathways (FAP) approach could be applied to native woodland adaptation. Andy Moffat is leading this new ClimateXChange project, bringing together expertise from a range of disciplines to explore how our efforts to support native woodlands adaptation can be enhanced by applying the lessons learned from flexible adaptation pathways in other sectors.

To download the Issues Paper see HERE