April 2014

The geography of brewing

It was a meeting of minds and probably genes when Andy J Moffat (of A J Moffat & Associates) met Andy J Moffat (owner and director of Redemption Brewery, Tottenham, London) on 28th March to discuss craft beer and the influence of different hop varieties from around the world. The discussion was enhanced by sampling aromas and flavours of New Zealand hops, recently the subject of personal scrutiny during a trip to the southern hemisphere. There were many coincidences on show, from common Scottish ancestry, support for the local football team to benefiting from tertiary education at the University of Reading (see October 2013 post). As well as brewing prize-winning beers, Redemption Brewery (http://www.redemptionbrewing.co.uk/) has an excellent sustainability policy, including use of green energy and waste recycling.