Environmental understanding isn’t just a ‘nice to have’

Environmental understanding isn’t just a ‘nice to have’ – it can prevent industry and land-use sectors falling foul of regulation; increase confidence in an uncertain world; help them save money and resources; and construct a strong positive image and profile. It can build bridges with local communities and with national government. But the environment is only one of three pillars of sustainable development, and it must be put in proper context – strident environmentalism can be ineffective and counter productive.

AJ Moffat & Associates understands and places the environment in a ‘real world’ context. Based on the application of a sound scientific understanding, and placed in an interdisciplinary framework, we offer a range of services that provide pragmatic and practical solutions.

We are an independent consultancy service, based in South East England, specialising in sustainable solutions and research services, especially in relation to the forestry, urban forestry, land reclamation and arboricultural sectors. We offer feasibility studies, proof of concept and product testing services, environmental and site assessment, and information management.

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A good example of community science

Posted on Tuesday, October 31st, 2017

Yesterday, over 100 people attended the launch of a report ‘Petersfield’s Trees – their importance and value. Results of the i-Tree Eco survey’. The report is the result of a project to characterise and value Petersfield’s trees, as reported in … Continue reading

‘Natural disasters’, of which flooding, wildfire and volcanic eruption are often quoted causes, is a concept surely well past its ‘sell-by’ date. We increasingly understand that there is a strong human dimension to all these extreme events, inasmuch as man’s … Continue reading

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